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Four-Time Mayor Of Tampa Undergoes Emergency Surgery At Florida Hospital Tampa

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Early in February, the four-time former mayor of Tampa, Dick Greco, had a nearly fatal experience after failing to get treatment for a groin hernia. The hernia had ruptured his bowels and Greco had to undergo emergency surgery, as well as an additional surgery at Florida Hospital Tampa.

Dr. Alexander Rosemurgy at the hospital was the one who performed the second procedure and confirmed that his condition could have resulted in a fatality if it had not been treated. Mr. Greco, who has a weekly radio show, did the show from his hospital bed this week as he recovered and interviewed Dr. Rosemurgy and Dr. Sharona Ross as part of the program.

“Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train,” said Dr. Rosemurgy with regards to the life-threatening nature of Mr. Greco’s condition. Dr. Ross stated that if he had been treated as soon as he discovered the hernia, he could have been treated and fully recovered within 72 hours.

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