Dr. Sharona Ross Interviewed On Bay News 9 Regarding Women In Surgery

A doctor takes notes during a patient appointment.
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Interviewed on Bay News 9, Dr. Sharona Ross talks about the challenges facing women and their desire to become surgeons. She created the Women in Surgery Symposium as a way to facilitate conversations about this issue and provide information to young women in the U.S. so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to pursue this career path. During these symposiums she talks about what it takes to become a surgeon, as well as the lifestyle associated with it.

During the interview, they discuss the changes in people’s perceptions of what a surgeon looks like, as it has been a predominately male field in the past. They discuss the increase in the number of women enrolling in medical school, even surpassing the number of men applying. Additionally, Heather Dereus, an undergraduate student who has been shadowing Dr. Ross, gives her input on her experience in learning more about the surgical field and pursuing her dreams of becoming a surgeon.

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