Dr. Ross Featured In Outpatient Surgery Magazine On Being A Patient

female patient in hospital bed
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Experienced surgeon Dr. Ross of Florida Hospital Tampa was featured in the January issue of Outpatient Surgery Magazine in an article entitled “I am a Surgeon, I am a Patient.” In the article, Dr. Sharona Ross speaks about the day she went under the knife herself. In undergoing surgery, Dr. Ross notes that she was reminded how important it is to show compassion to patients and connecting with them to understand their concerns.

Dr. Ross goes on to explain the importance of being patient, taking the time to inform them of what to expect, while establishing a partnership with them. In this way, she mused, doctors are able to remember and appreciate why they entered the healthcare professional to begin with.

Finally, Dr. Ross remarked on planning to integrate the lessons learned for undergoing surgery into her own practice and impart her interactions with patients to her own surgical team with the goal being to “treat those in their care with compassion and dignity, and help them recover to a quality life.”

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