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Daytime Channel 10 Interview On Pancreatic Cancer

A cancer survivor hugs her grandchild.
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Dr. Rosemurgy was interviewed on Daytime Channel 10 regarding Pancreatic Cancer. He talked about pancreatic cancer being a story of hope. He discussed how better imaging and surgical techniques, as well as novel treatment agents, are giving patients a better chance at long term survival. Pancreatic Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Education and awareness, along with early detection and proper specialty care, can improve patients’ chances for long term survival.

You can see the interview and read the consequent article on the Tampa Bay Times website.

Dr. Rosemurgy also interviewed on a number of Radio Talk Shows in the Tampa Bay area on November 9th. In honor of national Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Rosemurgy spoke about the diagnosis and treatment options for pancreatic cancer. He called it a “Story of Hope.” People are living much longer and better with currently available treatments. In the past, there were no options. Now, there are a number of treatment options available, and we are working to rewrite the story of pancreatic cancer.

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