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Choosing Your Surgeon: Advice From Dr. Sharona Ross

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Deciding to undergo a surgical procedure is not to be taken lightly. Neither is deciding which surgeon will perform the procedure. General surgeon at Florida Hospital Tampa, Dr. Sharona Ross offered some helpful advice when evaluating which surgeon to select for your procedure.

According to Dr. Ross, one of the first things to consider is if the surgeon in question is board certified. Patients have a valuable resource in Certification Matters, brought to you from the American Board of Medical Specialties, where you can find out if your surgeon is indeed board certified by typing in their name.

Being board certified is a highly-significant benchmark for surgeons, according to Dr. Ross, showing they “went through the training, received all the appropriate education and went through the testing in order to be board certified.”

Other important factors to consider are a surgeons’ past success, failure, and complication rates which can speak to the surgeon’s experience with certain procedures. Surgeons that you choose should also be up to date on the latest techniques.

Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions

Overall, Dr. Ross advised being well-informed on your medical needs and the background of potential surgeons. While many surgeries can seem routine, they can result in serious compilations endangering your health. The best means of evaluating a surgeon is simply asking them questions, in particular, if any less-invasive options are available to you.

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