B.E.S.T Innovation Course

Woman at her annual appointment
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Business Engineering and Surgical Technology (B.E.S.T) course aims to promote multidisciplinary surgical education, stimulating innovative ideas and product development. Dr. Ross' participation in the online B.E.S.T. Innovation course last year did not go unnoticed. With her extensive experience and expertise in Minimally Invasive Surgery, her strong interest in education, and idea that a woman can succeed in the field of surgery, Dr. Ross was the ideal speaker to place once again upon the podium. As a part of this year's B.E.S.T innovation course, Dr. Ross was asked this year to give a lecture focused on Outpatient Surgical Care: New Opportunities and Innovations for Patient and Provider. The talk detailed the innovative techniques that Dr. Ross and Dr. Rosemurgy provide including LESS and robotic surgeries.

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