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5th Annual Women In Surgery Career Symposium

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In Washington, D.C. the 5th Annual Women in Surgery Career Symposium that we hosted was such a success!

The speakers talked about relevant subjects that attendees could easily relate to. The panels allowed for great question and answer sessions, and we believe everyone was able to take away something from it. Whether it was finding a mentor or getting answers as to how to face "burnout," all attendees left knowing more than they did at the beginning.

Many participants enjoyed the discussion regarding Dr Rowland's talk on the do's and don'ts of professional attire. Attendees also enjoyed the parallel sessions. Students were able to learn how to:

  • Manage their debt
  • Residents and fellows discussed the necessity of fellowships
  • Attending surgeons conversed about balancing work life with personal life
  • The community practice session discussed the benefits having a community practice

As this symposium continues to grow, we look forward to continuing to inspire and support more women throughout their journey in surgical careers. For more information, feel free to contact us at Call813-615-7030.

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