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Getting To Know Sharona Ross

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#1: What Made You Choose a Career in the Medical Field?

I always wanted to be a doctor; my parents encouraged us to dream big.

#2: What Sets You Apart from Other Doctors in the Area?

Pushing the envelope with minimally invasive techniques in surgery.

#3: Tell Us About a Client You are Particularly Proud of:

A patient who had a major surgery on the live and stomach through two tiny incisions.

#4: How Do You View Your Role in the Medical professional-patient Relationship?

It is just that, a relationship. Patients should be active participants in their healthcare.

#6: What Sets You Apart from Other Doctors?

Minimally invasive surgery allows patients quicker recovery to normal function.

#7: How Does Having Experience Benefit Your Patients?

I can offer every patient the right procedure for that patient. Patients have choices in our practice.

#8: What Types of Cases Do You Specially Handle?

Minimally invasive robotic and open surgeries for foregut and HPB disorders.

#9: What is the Most Rewarding Aspect of Your Job?

Helping people feel better and live longer.

#10: What Advice Do You Most Often Give Your Patients and Why?

Be active participants and value their health. It is the most important investment they have.

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