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Innovative Pancreatic Cancer Treatment May Prolong Life Expectancy

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As a patient diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, David Allison assumed the detection was a death sentence. “I figured it was the beginning of the end,” the septuagenarian remarked.

As typically happens with cancer treatments using chemotherapy and radiation, the entire body is subjected to chemotherapy drugs which work their way through the bloodstream before eventually finding their way to the tumor. This can have a negative effect on the rest of the body as healthy cells can be killed in the process.

This treatment left David sick, encouraging him to enroll in clinical trials of a new cancer treatment at Florida Hospital Tampa. Here, Dr. Alex Rosemurgy utilized a new method of shrinking tumors until they may be excised surgically.

The breakthrough procedure uses a catheter to feed the drugs directly into the artery connected to the tumor while the catheter blocks the flow of blood in an out of the artery, keeping the rest of the body from the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

The new process is a pioneering venturing in combating cancer, especially that of the pancreas.

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